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Recent studies confirm what we already knew: sitting is harmful to our health. And sitting starts at an early age: in the classroom and at home when we are kids.

The House of Trade is trying to make a difference in our world. We are launching our own line of kids adjustable height standing desks suited for school and home use. We are making a push to get kids more active, more focused, and healthier. No longer do we want our kids to be sitting at their desks all day.


Education Dive recently published an article that backs up studies done on the impact standing desks have on kids health, brain function, and focus and the results are nothing less than astounding:
  • a 15% drop in insulin levels
  • 7 to 14% increase in neurocognitive function
  • higher engagement levels amongst students

Our line of kids sit to stand school desks are focused on kids health, first and foremost. It starts at home and in the classroom, at an early age. Its time we make an investment in our kids future.

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